Kar Clinic & Hospital Pvt. Ltd
From the CMD

From the CMD

Welcome to the Kar Clinic & Hospital, where the experience of over two decades of providing first-class care is at your disposal. At the Kar Clinic we care for the thriving populations of Odisha and Eastern India as a whole, in key areas from illness prevention to surgical and emergency intervention.

I believe our job is to promote optimal health, from educating you to notice changes in your health to administering care when necessary. For that reason we hand-select our staff and work with the most effective technologies to expedite excellence in diagnostics, treatment, maternity and surgery.

Whether you are coming for treatment or bringing new life into the world, we are committed to making your visit both comfortable and expedient. Our care givers and administrative staff are the region’s most attentive and knows every detail about the care required for you.

At Kar Clinic we view your visit as we would that of a neighbour where we endeavour to make you comfortable while providing the assistance you need.We have also simplified the costs of services to be clear and easily understood. Further, we have fostered strong relationships with many companies and insurers, allowing you to focus on your health.

I hope your care by our team at the Kar Clinic both promotes your health and makes you feel safe.

Dr. Siddhant Kumar Kar